Chicago Teachers Union says school closings are ‘racist,’ thousands protect district’s decision

CTU President Karen Lewis and Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn, at annual CTU LEAD dinner, Oct. 2012. (Wikimedia Commons/Pat Barcas)

CTU President Karen Lewis and Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn, at annual CTU LEAD dinner, Oct. 2012. (Wikimedia Commons, Photo credit: Pat Barcas)

Late Wednesday afternoon, the Chicago Teachers Union, with president Karen Lewis at the helm, led protests against the closing of 53 elementary schools and one high school. Union’s leaders, teachers, parents, religious leaders and concerned community members gathered at Daley Plaza, then marched on LaSalle Street, culminating in a sit-in on the southbound lanes of the street, in front of City Hall . . .

Click here to read about Chicago school closings protest.


2 responses

  1. I wanted to hit like because I am liked that you posted the article and I liked that so many people were being vocal about education, but i didn’t like the subject matter. So unfortunate that schools across America are always the target of budget cuts for one reason of another. I certainly hope that racist views were not at the epicenter of these particular schools. What a step backward would be (in Chicago of all places).

    1. Thank you for reading and commenting,

      I’m pleased to see so many Chicagoans speaking out about education too. I myself have had negative experiences with Chicago schools, and for this reason, among others, I homeschool my child.

      Racist views are prevalent in Chicago and many other cities; if it’s not race, it’s class or a combination of racism and classicism. The poor are rarely heard–ethnos does not matter when one is poor.

      I checked out your blog, and I love it. I encourage you to continue writing.

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